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Welcome to my weekly Blog for Phone Excellence Mastery. A regular Blog posting for Jayne Bandy and http://www.phoneexcellencemastery.com

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My weekly Blog will feature simple practical ideas that are easy to implement immediately in your Medical Office, impacting straight away on your Patients’ Experience, and ultimately, improving your practice profitability.

One of the biggest missed opportunities in your Office is during the first phone call.

After many years working in a very successful Dental Practice, Jayne Bandy now shares the communication skills she developed answering calls in a Dental Office and converting them to appointments and valued patients and customers.

Jayne works with Dental Teams, Medical Specialists and General Practitioners and takes them step by step through the process and experience of answering calls, connecting with callers, making appointments and preventing and reducing appointment cancellations.

All businesses want something to get them started and give them results.

08819 phone excellence mastery logo belly

Phone Excellence Mastery gets results over the phone.
More New Patient Enquiries converted into appointments.
Less Cancellations!
Fewer Reschedules

For more information on how I can improve your Medical Office’s results contact me jayne@theDPE.com



About Jayne Bandy

I am a creative and thoughtful person, who is passionate about people and developing life skills.
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