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Read what Jayne’s clients are saying:

“Jayne is one of the most approachable people in the dental education industry. She has a wealth of knowledge, common sense and excellent communication skills. I employed her to train my senior clinical co-ordinator seeking to transition to a practice co-ordinator role primarily based at the front desk. In order to support this transition both as an employer and a business owner, I sought Jayne’s assistance and have never regretted the decision. I am sending my other staff to her next course in Qld as I feel she eliminates the rubbish and gets straight to the core of excellent phone skills. This not only enhances the skills set within the practice, increasing morale, but endorses the growth and high-end production and customer service of our practice, Refresh Dental Spa. Thanks Jayne!”
Dr Kristina Cain, Refresh Dental Brisbane QLD

Read what attendees at Jayne’s Workshops are saying:

“The Workshop humour really helped engage the audience and convey the message. I definitely will go back to our Practice with a new confidence when answering the phone, especially if a patient calls to cancel their appointment.”
Ruby Kelly, Balmoral QLD

“Jayne I could not fault your presentation at all. I found it very interesting and came away with a lot more than I thought. I could have spent longer with you. The group was very interactive and it was great to hear from other Practices and what they were doing.”
Rebecca Dunn, Coffs Harbour NSW

I learned a lot today. Jayne made the day really enjoyable and was very engaging. We had lots of laughs.”
Jayne Ball, Brisbane QLD

I found the day thoroughly enjoyable and relevant. Jayne was always engaging and knowledgeable. She presented the topic extremely professionally and was very personable.”
Charmayne Jones, Coffs Harbour NSW

Jayne you were super!”
Cheyne-Lee Bassingthwaighte, Kareela NSW

“I came away with a better understanding of how to improve my Communication Skills to get better results on Phone calls. I believe all receptionists in practices who answer the phone, should be required to do your workshop. It would give them a better understanding of what is important for our business and patients and to know the how and the why we answer the phone.”
Celina McMahon, North Rockhampton QLD

“I liked going through the ‘real life’ phone call wording. I think looking at call transcripts was very useful.”
Colleen Underwood, Castle Hill NSW

“Jayne was very easy to communicate with. She presented new information in an easy to understand manner and provoked alternate ways of looking at calls coming into the practice. The workshop was very helpful and I will definitely utilize and relay the information to my team.”
Shelby Towner, North Rockhampton QLD

“I like that Jayne had worked on the front desk in a Practice. She knew how to relate to various issues we all have when we answer the phone. There was a lot of good information. I will incorporate a lot of these ideas into our practice.”
Julie Feuling, Gilles Plains SA

“Jayne is a good presenter. She makes it interesting. Many Practices have the same challenges.”
Jeanette Hovilai, Ermington NSW

“This was my second time attending Jayne’s workshop. I found it very interesting and there were a few new things. We are already incorporating a lot of the Systems into our practice already.”
Julie Dorsett, Goulburn NSW

“Everthing was explained really well with great examples. Jayne was very relatable and easy to follow. She had my attention all day.”
Sabrina Tavakol, Pennant Hills NSW

“I gained valuable knowledge and confidence regarding this topic and will be more valuable to my workplace.”
Ebony Svaikauskas, Mackay QLD

“Today’s workshop has given me great ideas for ways to re-word how I respond to calls so I can get more information from the caller and connect.”
Jaye Creighton, Ballina NSW

“The workshop enabled me to network, incorporate new ideas and a new approach to answering the phone.
Karen Clarke, Kyogle QLD

“I enjoyed the interaction and how Jayne was very open to questions.”
Melissa Probert, Banora Point NSW

“I’ve learnt a lot, especially the best way to communicate with patients and ask the right questions.”
Kate Harcombe, Herston QLD

“Today I have learnt new phone skills, how to change the wording to make a positive difference for both the patient and office. Jayne was down to earth, humble, highly skilled and created a comfortable environment to learn in. I loved the Priority Standby! Thank you for sharing your time, skills and knowledge with us today Jayne. It was very much appreciated. God Bless.”
Janet Oliveira, Palm Beach QLD

“I enjoyed learning about changing your tone when making appointments and how to keep control of your Appointment Book.”
Dr Paul Quirk & Maria Pantaleon, Brisbane QLD

“The phone communication we learned about today I will use with patients at their appointments.”
Dr Yahia Sameh, Coffs Harbour NSW

“I enjoyed learning about the strategies to handle cancellation reasons and ways to communicate more effectively with patients. This workshop will be very beneficial for my future.”
Stephanie Perkins, Coffs Harbour NSW

“I will be leaving today after your workshop with excellent notes and I will be implementing many of the skills you taught us. Undoubtedly the communication skills you have presented will be a highly useful tool in my career. Thank you”
Emma Bennett, Coffs Harbour NSW

“I enjoyed learning about how to keep control of the appointment book and ways to find out more about your patients by asking great questions.”
Dr Lesley Short, Noosaville QLD

“Wow, the month of November has been wonderful – and you would be proud of me! I am super lucky, I have the best job in the world, working with the best people!
Jayne, your Brisbane DPE conference taught me so much, the Front Desk is becoming more efficient by the week. I gave my fellow colleges a mini Powerpoint presentation and we are rocking the phones now.
Jayne you are personable, funny, warm and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the interesting conversations from other clinics. I do appreciate my boss investing in me. I feel more confident dealing with hairy and sticky issue. The workshop was designed to promote success and encourage all staff to think more.”
Sharon Fletcher, Perth WA

“Thank you Jayne. It was a pleasure to attend your workshop. I thought you were a lovely presenter with a lot of useful material which I have evaluated and used in our practice. It has helped us to build different strategies involving patients keeping their appointments as well as asking excellent questions. It was a well thought out presentation covering many different scenarios. I will refer to the workshop book in the future.”
Kate Raine, Kensington VIC

 “I found this course to be very informative as I am quite new to the front office team. I realised lots of ways I can improve my telephone techniques. Jayne, you are a really great presenter and I really enjoyed listening to you!!!! You go girlfriend. Looking forward to reading your blogs!!”
Kelly Rubie, Brisbane QLD

 “The Workshop was both stimulating and educating. It made me more aware of the right and wrong things my team routinely say to patients. You taught great techniques to confirm appopintments, increase conversion rates and minimise and manage cancellations. Well worth the trip.”
Dr Galina Razbash, Melbourne VIC

“I learned lots about Cancellation Techniques.”
Nadia Saoimi, Ermington NSW

“I feel better skilled in communicating with patients now.”
Dr Pushpender Malik ,Gilles Plains SA

“I learned how to manage cancellations in a more professional manner and how to deal with cancellations. I will be taking everything I’ve learned today, back to my practice.”
Hollee Towns, Miranda NSW

“All the knowledge I gained today I can apply in my work place and share with the rest of my team so we can work more consistently and harmoniously.”
Marissa Pecora, Melbourne VIC

“We got some great tips to start using straight away.”
Charity Zafiropoulos, Melbourne VIC

“The skills I have learnt today have made me feel more confident in connecting with patients and ensuring I can do my best and help patients keep their appointments.”
Kayley Fuller, Cambridge Park NSW

“Jayne went through the Workshop topics smoothly and made it easy to understand.”
Peita, Pennant Hills NSW

“I now know what I need to improve with my communication skills. Jayne has a good sense of humour.”
Katrina Lee, Sydney CBD & Five Dock NSW

“I learned a lot about how to improve my phone communication and make some changes in the practice routine.”
Maria Dino, Sydney CBD & Five Dock NSW

“It was the best workshop full of ways to improve my communication with patients and overall phone manner.”
Joanne Mancuso, Sydney CBD & Five Dock NSW

“Very informative. It was great to explore different language to use with patients to get the best results.”
Sarah Bourke, Goulburn NSW

“Most enjoyed the environment with the other teams in the room and their contributions. I left this course with a better and improved understanding and learned ways to improve practice calls.”
Liarna Pace, Adelaide SA

“We will be going back to try out a few of the discussed techniques and put them into practice. Jayne was great and made it a fun and enjoyable day.”
Carmen Barker, Robina QLD

“I thought the workshop was great. I came away feeling inspired and more confident in the skills I already have and the ones I need to improve. Jayne you were very engaging and made the workshop really interesting. I will definitely be recommending your workshop to anyone who wants to learn more about phone excellence. Thanks again. Hopefully we will see you again in the future.”
Alannah O’Sulliavan, Kensington VIC

“The girls and I had a great time on Friday. I’ve just been working with Anand on some of the things we learnt. It is really amazing what a play on words can do. I’ll be able to use the content to create some good scripts/guidelines for all the girls so that they know the basics. But now I think it is making time to do some role playing and putting it in to action.”
Belinda Brauman, Warragul VIC

“Learning about soft language was important as I do that a lot.”
Stefanie Maile, Mooroolbark VIC

“How to deal with patients was very helpful. I believe I can handle phone calls better since the workshop.”
Ashley Mora, Sydenham VIC

“I loved the relaxed, fun filled atmosphere of the Workshop. I enjoyed chatting to the other ladies in regards to their Appointment Books etc. This course was extremely beneficial to new staff members and a refresher for other staff.”
Michelle Southwell, Goulburn NSW

“I enjoyed the discussions with other Practices. The workshop made me aware of our need for expansion. I had a very relaxed and enjoyable day.”
Narelle Oag, Goulburn NSW

“I found the workshop will assist me with communication skills and being able to direct patients to questions I need answered.”
Julie Dorsett, Goulburn NSW

“I found the input from other practices very interesting. One thing I discussed on returning to my practice was the importance of tracking and measuring and how we have slowed down doing this.”
Jeni Stojkovska, Coburg VIC

“I did learn some skills that I am going to implement in our clinic. Thank you.”
Amanda Vartto, Mornington Peninsula VIC

“We both had a good time and we learned much from you. We’ll bring these to our team. Hope you always have success in your life .
Natalie and San, VIC

“I am very grateful and feel privileged to attend this workshop. I have learned different ways to communicate better with patients. This was an excellent workshop and great fun. Thank you for the training.”
Maria Hua Pham, VIC

 “Jayne was a wonderful speaker and quite funny too. I definitely came away with a better understanding of how to improve my phone skills with the advise and suggestions on how to word questions to patients.”
Elaine Callan, New Farm QLD

 “I appreciated the extra ideas and will be tweaking how I communicate with patients and will look forward to seeing the results. A very well presented workshop.”
Helen Frobisher, Brisbane QLD

 “Valuable information. Great delivery and I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.”
Kate Moore, Brisbane QLD

 “I got a lot out of this course.”
Rosemary Macfarlane, Brisbane QLD

“I feel more confident with the things we are doing at our practice and will change the way we deal with cancellations in the future.”
Pamela Smith, Robina QLD

 “I enjoyed the workshop very much. Jayne is a lovely person, it was fun and the group was lovely. I’ve learnt a lot and I believe it will help me improve our practice.”
Maggie Starkova, Gold Coast QLD

My concerns and questions were answered. I came away with new knowledge to improve my communication skills.”
Kimberley-Anne Tran, VIC

I think the workshop was very well presented with valuable content. It is definitely valuable for new front office teams. We will definitely start tracking our phone calls.”

“Great presenter. Felt very involved. I learned some new phone techniques. The workshop was very worthwhile.”
Margot Kelly-Basterd, Brisbane QLD

“A good reminder of daily communication that we sometimes forget. Great discussions.”
Cheree Gladstone, Cannon Hill QLD